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My name is Greg Wickham. I am a coffee loving, graphic design student studying at Glasgow Clyde College and I am currently in my second year of my HND. I love all elements of design but especially enjoy working on branding and packaging. The three words I would use to describe myself is creative, determined and enthusiastic. My hobbies are going to the cinema, listening to music, watching football and going to the gym. During the weekends I am a dog walker. In the evenings I design wedding stationery for a company called

love-weddings to gain some work experience within the industry.

Poster Report

My initial concept was to create two posters that were based around the phrase “Dawn of a new era” because I felt that this is a powerful phrase where I would be able to portray a strong message. My idea was to use speeches that changed the world and select two iconic people who's speeches helped changed the world for the better. I very quickly decided that Martin Luther King Jr’s “I have a dream” and Winston Churchill’s “We shall fight on the beaches” would be my chosen speeches for each poster. I decided that I wanted to work with collage for this project as it was something I never really tried before. I also feel it was a good technique to use for a number of images combined together to show what times were like back when these speeches were broadcasted.

Both of these posters images show the dark times, both where and when these speeches were spoken to the public but in contrast, it also shows parts of the speech that were iconic and the positive message these men were putting across to everyone in their country.

For my background I wanted to use the speeches placed over an old, damaged paper texture and the greyscale colour mode to show that back then these were dark times for their own reasons. The smoke effect that comes over these iconic men symbolises the fight which everyone had to go through to achieve their goals.

For my Luther King Jr poster I selected images of people peacefully protesting to show what he was fighting for and what America was like in the early 1960’s. He stood up for a lot but his most popular would be against the Vietnam war and racism in America. Back then America was a horrible place for African-Americans but using these negative images I wanted to show the positive message which King Jr delivered to the public on August 28th, 1963.

My Churchill poster I used images of Britain during the blitz in the early 1940’s showing the smoke filled skies caused by the German bombers. Despite Britain being battered and bruised and the threat of German invasion, it was Churchill’s speech that he made to the house of commons that pushed Britain to fight back and which led to winning the second world war. I personally think the contrast between the negative state of Britain in the images and the positive message Churchill gave is a great way to show where Britain was at in this particular moment, and where they were looking to be in the near future.

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